It was a week-long celebration of the country’s finest and world-class embroidery artisans and somehow it feels so short of a time and we barely contained our enthusiasm as it was fun, exciting, breath-taking and surely one of a kind festivity not just in the country but in the entire world. 

     The 16th Burdang Lumban Festival 2017 didn't disappoint in terms of grandeur and elegance. In fact, it raises up 3 notches higher from previous editions and this one really is one for the books. The preparation was longer, the planning was more detailed and the execution was on point. Every inch was meticulously examined and everyone did their part to make this event the best one indeed! 

     From opening day with booths showcasing their proud art works of embroideries broadcast nationwide and overseas, everyday eye-candy activities of trades and skills and glitzy nights of not your ordinary pageantry of gorgeous grandmas' and handsome tricycle drivers and to capped it with the search of the town's prettiest, Binibining Lumban 2017 with production like no other (Seriously, Binibining Pilipinas should take a note from this one), the festival is downright a success! 

     Congratulations to the Municipal Government of Lumban and to all the proud Lumbenos who made sure that everything is perfect. It is truly a testament of your patience and skills, one that reflects on the beauty of your embroidery and transcends to our Barong and Filipiniana dresses.  

     Take a bow Lumbenos, as this was a proud moment for all of you and absolutely well deserved!